This is my personal site. Glad colleagues, relatives of patients and clients for visiting this site. In parallel with the growing social, health care needs in the community and more people pay more attention. Medical knowledge to everyone through many different forms as radio, media, ... And the website is one of the forms can be regarded as effective and quite friendly in today's society.

Health is our asset, is pleasure when we have health. Sincerely and wellness is how good of every man for himself, family and society. The health service has always been the tool enables us to maintain health, promote the role over other sectors. But what good service, is optimal? That was the question that even health workers as we have to wonder, worry and try to complete one more day. In order to bring useful information, the best treatments and most comfortable service to patients relieved, relieved the patient's body.

Cardiovascular pathology - Vascular day a lot. Caused by environmental factors objectively and subjectively have an impact on who we are today. The medical method also gradually developed and perfected for the prevention, treatment thoroughly for pathologies. The process of treatment is a series of operations, impact directly or indirectly on the patient's body. The results bring comfort, lightness and all the uncomfortable symptoms. I also tried updating the latest methods to serve their patients. What I need to think it was appropriate method chosen to treat their patients quickly all patients, family members peace of mind and save the cost of treatment.

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Tin Le Duc., MD, MS

Vascular Surgery dept, - Cho Ray hospital


Here we would like to send our sincere thanks to the patients' relatives and customers who have trusted and accompanied our clinic in the past time. Although there are many shortcomings and not yet completed in the medical examination and treatment system, we have been trying every day to be better served. We always take the criterion "Place of trust, benefiting people" as the basic foundation in the work of medical examination and treatment. Looking forward to the sympathy and understanding of your loved ones.


Cardiology Clinic - Blood vessels always serve patients with pathology:
- Heart valve disease - heart muscle - coronary artery disease.
- Artery disease - intravenous limbs.
- Lung disease - chest pain - goiter
- General internal disease.
- Urinary excretion (urination, urination, urinary stones)
- Neurological disease (hypertension, weakness, insomnia)
Is one of the most prestigious and reputable clinics in Ho Chi Minh City. The clinic always applies the achievements of advanced medical science and technology in the country as well as in the world. The clinic is a place where many experts and doctors are good at the medical field, so the Duc Tin foreign clinic is the first choice for you and your family!


Duc Tin foreign clinic not only contributes to reducing patient load for public hospitals, but we also aim at a comprehensive medical service, with a team of experienced specialists.

Duc Tin Foreign Clinic is a reliable address for many patients

The goal of the clinic is to become one of the leading clinics in Ho Chi Minh City, which is a reliable medical examination and treatment site for people in and outside the region.
We always focus on investing in modern medical equipment with international standards, combined with a team of good and experienced medical doctors and doctors to bring about accurate and effective medical examination and treatment results. Moreover, it also creates a safe, friendly and quality medical environment for everyone.
The purpose of medicine is to "save people", so we constantly improve the level of medical staff and promote the investment of advanced medical equipment and modern machinery to serve Good for diagnosis and treatment.
With the mission of "Joining hands to take care of the community health", the Duc Tin foreign clinic is always operating under the criteria "Where to place Faith and Benefit People". The trust of patients is the foundation for us to develop and improve the quality of service better and better.
Core values
- Duc Tin foreign clinic is always customer-centered.
- The team of excellent doctors, dedicated Nursing, professional staff.
- Standard medical examination and treatment quality of the Ministry of Health
- Managing and operating by electronic medical system.
- Modern medical equipment, meeting the needs of medical examination and treatment for patients.


Duc Tin Foreign Medical Clinic, is one of the medical facilities that well meet the health care needs of patients under the model of professional and high quality medical services. We always put the quality of medical examination and treatment first, in order to make it convenient for patients and clinics to have a strict medical examination process, shorten the waiting time and ensure the patients quickly.
Medical register :
How to get patients to contact us like:
Call (028) 3981 2678 or contact a counselor directly: 0903 839 878 - 0909 384 389 to make an appointment to see a doctor directly with a specialist, through your online doctor we. All information of patients will be saved (completely confidential) and have a specific time for medical examination and treatment. Our therapists will advise as well as answer any questions, bring peace of mind and efficiency to patients. There is no need to come to pick up and sit and wait for examination like other hospitals, convenient, does not take time.


The process of medical examination and treatment is done quickly - effectively

Visit the doctor:
- After having specific time for medical examination and treatment as well as direct exchange with specialists, the patient can fully select the medical examination and treatment service packages at the clinic and in line. fit with your existing economic conditions.
- All stages of examination and examination of diseases at the clinic will be directly examined and diagnosed by specialists, then given appropriate treatment regimens for each patient.
When conducting medical examination and treatment at the external health clinic Duc Tin, the patient does not have to wait long, all the patient's information will be absolutely confidential.



Commitment from Duc Tin foreign clinic
- Provide reputable medical examination and treatment services according to the standards set by the Ministry of Health.
- Ensuring a team of medical doctors, medical staff who have undergone professional training, intensive training in terms of medical techniques and methods of patient care.
- Using modern medical equipment, imported from leading advanced medical countries in the world.
- The process of caring, caring and effective patients.
- Give the patient a clean and well-equipped medical environment.
Patient's benefits:
- Right to respect: We do not distinguish who our patients are, who are in the society, when coming to the clinic, the patients will receive the attention and respect, especially all information of the disease. People are always absolutely confidential.
- The right to be fully provided with pathological information: The doctor will directly explain the health status, provide appropriate treatment regimens as well as inform and explain the expenses payable in time. healthcare.
- The right to advice on how to take care of the health: The patient after being treated in the clinic will be consulted by a doctor in a specific way about effective prevention measures as well as diet, movement after treatment time.
- The right to care: The patient will be evaluated and updated health status quickly, the team of doctors and doctors are always ready to support and care for the caring and caring patients.

Patients are enthusiastic and attentive - caring by medical staff


Patient's responsibility:
- Provide sufficient information: Includes health status, disease status as well as pathology history of each disease to help doctors make accurate conclusions.
- Incorporate closely with the doctor: During the period of treatment, the patient must strictly follow the medical treatment guidelines set by the doctor, follow the advice and instructions of the doctor to help the process. treat diseases quickly.
- Understand and respect: The patients as well as the team of medical doctors must respect each other, ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all information, comply with the rules given by the clinic.


The clinic has become a reliable address for many patients, the prestige and quality of the clinic is always built based on the trust of patients. Here, patients will receive a dedicated advice from doctors, leading experts on vascular disease of the four limbs, chest, cardiovascular, urological, neurological, ...

- Advanced techniques: The clinic always applies advanced minimally invasive techniques, ensuring safety - fast - high efficiency.
- Professional medical examination and treatment: The patients are well served, enthusiastic and friendly, all stages of examination, diagnosis, disease testing, etc. are always carried out in accordance with the process.
- Minor surgery - advanced surgery: All clinics and minor surgery are absolutely sterile, up to the standards of the Department of Health.
- All for patients: Always caring and caring for the patient, putting the patient's benefits first, leading to a high quality and perfect medical examination and treatment.


After diagnosis, the doctor will give specific treatment costs

In addition, medical examination and treatment costs are reasonable, transparent and transparent:
- 100% of the cost is always reported clearly, transparently, the computer system and the cashier work attentively and meticulously.
- After the examination and diagnosis of the disease, the doctor will give a specific treatment fee, help the patient feel secure and choose the appropriate treatment.
- Do not incur any additional expenses during the time of medical examination and treatment.
- Quality and prestige are always put on top priority by the team of doctors and specialists of Duc Tin clinic.

We desperately need the advice and support of our patients' relatives and customers. Any comments or suggestions should be sent via email, phone, Facebook or directly to us. Our clinic again thanks a lot.

Let us help you take care and protect your health!




  • I am Nguyen Thanh Sang, born in 1990. Since the examination and treatment at the clinic Duc Tin, I am very grateful to the Doctor for explaining and sharing about my illness. During the treatment time in the clinic I was very caring staff of the clinic. Now my illness has improved in a good way. Expect more and more clinic to be able to save many patients.

    I sincerely thank you !. Tel: 0938303275

  • Huynh Thi Muoi, born in 1940, was examined and treated at Duc Tin Clinic. I am very pleased about how to serve and care patients of the clinic. The doctor is committed to explaining and sharing with the patient.

    Huynh Thi Muoi sincerely thank you! Phone number: 0972868746

  • As I said Duc Tin surgical clinin is where my family trust, hope to visit. Physicians caring, thoughtful, gentle to the patient. Nurses and staff clinic polite, cheerful and thoughtful. This clinic clean, sterile, so I would love to. Tel: +84949914060.

  • The doctor is very caring, attentive and very gentle nurse, courteous, affable with me. The clinic is clean, comfortable, polite. I enjoyed this faith. Every visit I was very relieved disease. Tel: 0839820792.

  • I was patient, had to clinics of Dr. Le Duc Tin. I see very conscientious doctor patient care, answer any questions and very dedicated staff from the receptionist to the children tested, nursing. Clinics very clean and spacious. I'm very satisfied. Tel: +841227880829.

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